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5 design tips that will instantly improve your Social Media Profiles

Good design is integral for an established social media presence, especially since it enables hassle-free communication and induces page engagement. While not all designs for social media need to be impeccably creative, it is very important that they do not come in the way of communication itself or end up creating problems rather than solving them.

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Here’s how you could make sure that the creative sync just right:

1. Go easy on the copy

Online users have short attention spans and are likely to ignore posts with too much content. Ensure maximum impact using lesser number of words. Crisp, creative copies help in grabbing viewers’ attention. Also, the best way to get people to click on your ‘call to action’ button is by having only one of such links that in no way confuse users.

2. Structure your communication

The primary function of your social media presence is to get your message across to your audience. Visual hierarchy is integral to helping the viewer prioritize the message and understand it fully. Contrast the important parts of your communication using the right font size or colour. However, it should in no way appear spam-like or desperately sales-like.

3. Choose your font and colour palette

Most brands have a standard font and colour palate. You can decide to use them or come up with complementary fonts and colours that make designs visually appealing. Standardizing fonts and colours for your social media page ensures consistency and brand familiarity among your customers. At times, the wrong font can ruin the effect that the content originally had. Mismatched font and over use of colours may also distract and get users to overlook your content.

4. Use appealing imagery in your design

The first thing your audience notice is the image.  Be cautious with the kind of images you choose for your design. Place yourself in the shoes of the viewer – ask yourself if the image will be of interest to you and if this is something you will engage with. Also, original candid images of the brand are far more appealing than any others available. Make sure the images go with the core of your brand.

5. Keep it simple

Most importantly, keep your designs simple. Social media does not allow you the luxury of time to work on a creative for days. Also, the creatives have a fairly short shelf-life before a fresh set of creatives replace them. Don’t get carried away by the vast number of options you have. Keep it simple, functional and visually appealing. Excessive detailing in not necessarily the most viewed. Easy access to a message through the creative is most important.

Ultimately, if your viewers enjoy what they see, they will surely come back to your page often and this will generate brand recall, the next time a need arises. Be sure, you keep them coming for more and make the most of that treasured attention span!