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Facebook campaign mistakes

You know that Facebook campaigns are very important to your brand, and especially since they help your customers stay in touch, participate and feel special at the same time. But very often, silly mistakes jeopardize your current campaign as well as the future ones.

banner nameHere’s why:

1. Treating it as a one-time project

Brainstorm for the perfect event, plan aggressively for it, finally launch it and then don’t look back to analyse it. Sound familiar? That’s what usually happens, and in doing so, we lose out on an opportunity to build a relationship with the participants, as well as to utilise the tons of customer data that the very campaign helped generate.
So next time you launch a campaign, stay in touch with the your audience, do some throwbacks and stay active.

2. Creating campaigns that aren’t mobile compatible

In today’s day and age, it’s a fact that there are more mobile users than PC users. So if you conduct a campaign and overlook making it mobile-compatible, you’re losing on a chunk of your valuable customer-data. Yes, it is going to cost you a bit more, but its totally worth it!

3. You don’t worry about security

Many brands don’t recognise the risk of using insecure IT infrastructure to deliver the campaigns. When they do find out about it, it’s too late. Customer data has already been sold and abused. Always question your agency and app providers about the server security, database controls, and access policy.

4. Not leveraging Facebook graph

Facebook helps you categorize your contest to users according to personality, action, locations, likes and dislikes. Targeting these audiences instead of a general public brings you a random selection and not the right ones. Taking the right permissions allows you to access the rice pipe of data about what your fans and users social lives.

5. Not linking the online campaign to offline

Yes, social media and the real world are two different platforms, but your audience is the same. There are simple ways of asking your online participants to go buy something from your brand to redeem a voucher. A small initiative from your side will make a huge difference.

Now that you know that you’ve been doing wrong, turn over a new leaf in the New Year! Happy campaigning!