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5 Social Media Mistakes YOU Make

Whether you’re a business owner who manages your brand’s Facebook campaigns by yourself, or you’re a digital manager handling the social media for a brand, there are several common mistakes you make.
Avoiding these mistakes can not only help your social reach, but also improve the stance of your brand, and customer-data that you can work with.
Here are eight of the most common Facebook Campaign mistakes every brand has made at some point or another:

1. What you do wrong: Banking on the number of followers on social media 

It takes a while to get that it’s not the number of followers you have on social media  that makes your campaigns successful– it’s the quality of followers that makes it count.
What you should be doing: Integrating your social media campaigns to tell relatable stories
Telling stories with your brand in mind is one way your brand connects with its audience. Many good examples have come up in the Indian social media and advertising space, such as this one:
Like previously stated, stories like these are the ones that help your audience care about you, and stick by your brand.

2. What you do wrong: Posting lacklustre content

Whether you’re posting stuff regularly or not, if your content is not engaging or interesting, it doesn’t make a difference.
What you should be doing: Gauging your audience’s interest and acting on it
Measuring the engagement each of your story-telling campaigns and even gathering feedback from your customers is bound to help you improve your content, and the attachment they have to your brand.

3. What you’re doing wrong: Broadcasting the same message across different channels

Even if you don’t have much content to broadcast, putting out exactly the same content on different platforms could be exhausting and even irritating to loyal customers.
What you should be doing: Limiting the social media platforms you’re on, or revamping your approach.
Every social media channel needs you to put out content in a different way, so the easiest way to go about this is to think of each channel as showcasing a different aspect of the personality of your brand. Maintain this approach, or put out entirely different content that fits into your social media plan to keep your audience’s interest.

4. What you’re doing wrong: Testing your campaigns only on one client/browser

Even if you’re going to save a penny or two over ignoring compatibility issues, the money saved isn’t worth when your customers hate how your content looks.
What you should be doing: Checking how your campaigns look on mobile and other mail clients
Sending out test mails that you check on your browser isn’t enough– make sure that your campaigns execute considerably well even on other mail clients like Outlook, and on mobile screens too. You will probably invest quite some time and money in this, but trust us, it’s worth every second and penny.

5. What you’re doing wrong: Not having precautions against ‘contest junkies’

Everybody learns about ‘contest junkies’ the hard way. Even if you have a brilliant campaign in place, these are the ones who could ruin it by spamming.
What you should be doing: Maintain measures to safeguard against spammers
Some effective measures could be:
a.  Ensuring that only those with more than 25-50 friends on Facebook can take part
b.  Manually weeding out those who don’t have real profile pictures, etc.

The key that you must keep in mind at all times, in order to avoid said mistakes, is that social media’s main purpose is to build a relationship with your customer, not just wrangle business out of the customer.
So the next time you want to launch a social media campaign, keep these little pointers in mind, and learn from these mistakes. And if there are a few that you haven’t committed yet, be happy– you don’t want to learn these lessons the hard way!