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5 ways Brands can use Facebook Locations to advertise

Facebook constantly changes with  new usabilities, and  additional functionalities. A few months ago, they introduced a new spin to the Geo-fencing feature that allows businesses to target ads to users based on their specific locations. With this, you can now target the right audience and convince them to visit your brand. It also gives you a ‘get directions’ call-to-action that helps your customer track you from their smartphones.

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Here’s how brands can leverage from using this:

1. Promote upcoming offers and events

Everyone loves to shop, and saying you have a sale going on says it all. Provide an early bird access to your customers, make them feel special. Advertising to your target audience before the main sale can help gain new customers.
If you use Facebook’s power editor to create a custom audience, they’d see the promotion on Facebook as soon as they near your store.

2. Reach out before your competitors

Just like a standee outside your restaurant or a mascot to promote your brand, the Facebook local aware ad will be more personalised and will lure your customers to choose you. Competitors will be caught off-guard as well!
You can target your ads to just men, women, children, preference etc.

3. Talk about in-store events

When you have something planned for your brand, put that on social media – even in a form of a teaser. Share snippets of information of your on-going event and highlight the USP each time to grab the attention of your prospective customer.
Your main goal is to promote the event and increase footfall after all.

4. Complementary products

One of the best ways to increase your customers is to give them a complementary token. It could in form of a tasting session, a glass of wine or just your signature dessert.
Keep your guests happy so that they will want to go back and tell their circles about your service

5. Provide perks for check-in

Everyone loves to notify their network of what they are up to by checking-in to the place. When this happens at your respective brand, take advantage of it and make sure that you acknowledge and appreciate them for it.
Advertise to them saying that your ‘check-in unlocks something special’ and give them an offer which will be applicable for whatever they purchase or will purchase on their next visit.

Just like any other promotion, keep your customers on their toes with your products. Take advantage of the digital world and target your ideal audience.