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5 Ways Brands can use Pinterest for Marketing

Pinterest is turning 4, and whether or not you’ve started using it, there’s many ways it can benefit your interaction with your consumers.In the right hands, Pinterest is a powerful tool, enabling you to share and pin photos and videos with one click. As of today, at least 70 million people use it daily, while a small percentage of Fortune 500 companies are on it, too. Clearly it is a dynamic tool for brands that can fit it in their social media strategy.

So, how does a brand derive its benefits?

1. Keep your eyes open

If your consumers love something, chances are, they’ve already pinnned it. Watching out for these pins will go a long way toward helping you understand your customers and narrow your crosshairs.

To make your job easier, Pinterest now has an API that condenses a user’s interests into statistical data on their profile – top-pinned topics, recent/related pins and pins by searches/tags.

2. Re-pin your customers’ pins

Re-pinning something another user pins builds an instant relationship. This goes a long way when the deed is done by a brand’s Pinterest profile! It is also a great way to re-assure your consumers that you care about them.

3. Build a profile that represents your brand

Pictures you collect will help you give personality to your brand’s profile. This is a best practice for brands across different social media platforms to enhance their image on the internet. Think of Pinterest as a remote marketplace stall, built solely for the purpose of better acquainting someone with your products. The more appealing it is, the more footfalls it will get.

4. Interact with consumers

The ability to directly engage users will enable you to not only make your customers re-pin your content, but also endorse your brand. Your interaction can range anywhere between giving them an easily re-sharable image to running a contest with prizes and a lucky draw!

There are too many users on Pinterest for any smart business to ignore– after all, this is merely one mountain of the social media topography. This is a platform that can generate sales within minutes!

5. Market to your customer based on their likes and dislikes

Pinterest’s API is designed to let you cross sell and upsell recommendations to a customer based on their pin preferences.

Your business, should you choose for it to operate on Pinterest as well, will appeal to the Sell>Want>Buy mentality of modern-day consumers.

In this day and age, consumer loyalty is ever-decreasing and the speed at which a shopper gets distracted is comparable to that of a private jet plane. Even so, giving customers a better experience to ensure long-term loyalty still remains a vital tenet.Think of Pinterest as a rich data form, and use it to inform your intricately woven marketing strategy. Engage with your users with your brand’s unique personality; the results might astound you!