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7 most wanted features buyers look for in Indian homes

Getting a house (whether for rent or sale) is a big step for most people in India.
Knowing what your clients look forward to could help you sell them what they need with only
half the effort.
Here are some of the most wanted features that buyers look for, in potential homes:
People like to be informed about what exactly they are getting. Having complete transparency in
everything (from the actual cost to extra charges; from hurdles to completion date) is not only
important but also helps build trust.
2.Safe structure
If the structure is not safe, everything (including your deal) can fall apart easily.
Some important areas of safety your buyer will be looking at are:
a.Flooring and foundation:
Die-hard fans of your restaurant are probably one of the biggest contributors to your success, so give back by running a photo-contest with their favorite dishes to reward them!
This is one area that has to be checked compulsorily. Make sure that all the pipes
and drains do not create any problems at any point.
c.Cracks in walls/ceiling:
Ensure that the walls, tiles and ceilings are not cracked or uneven. They need to be strong enough
to provide safety for the new resident.
d.Electrical connections:
Make sure that all electrical systems are wired properly. The main switch must be located at a place
that is easy to access when needed. Buyers will see if there are enough plugs points for electrical
Having a safe neighbourhood is a necessity whether the buyer is elderly,
a young family or just working singles.
b.Door knobs:
Strong doors and knobs provide security to the residents. Make sure that they
work well and don’t malfunction to lock or unlock unnecessarily.
a.Balcony or Play area for children:
Most buyers, especially young couples and those with families will look for a spacious balcony to relax in.
Single working people will be alright with a smaller one to dry clothes.
The most basic necessity of life is water. The resident must have access to it 24×7.
If there is no borewell to the house, ensure that the water tank employees live nearby
to provide the residents water.
b.Parking space:
Everyone living in the metro city have their own vehicles and finding parking space is extremely difficult.
By offering them a house that has closed parking will keep them stress-free.
Being close to commercial areas to shop, schools for children, hospitals for emergencies always comes
in handy. If it’s also not that easily accessible, basic transits such as bus stops, metros or railway
station should be nearby.
Even if the place you’re offering meets all their requirements, one key factor is affordability.
Make sure that you’re ready to meet middle ground with the buyer and the seller.
7.Home-loan ready:
If the area isn’t within their budget, having a home-loan-ready property speaks volumes and earns
the buyer’s trust.
So these are the few most-wanted features in homes. If your property has all these features,
you should have no problem selling it at all!

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