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Brands benefiting through Instagram

Facebook and Twitter have long been the go-to platform for all major brands to promote themselves. While they still remain the royalty, Instagram is the current trendsetter when it comes to the promotion of brands. The ease with which one can click, share pictures and videos anywhere, anytime further endears it to the users, making it the perfect tool for brand promotion.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to promote your brand on Instagram:

  1. Create good carousel ads
    Carousel ads are multiple picture posts that provide the brands an opportunity to create a sequential storytelling. While this option is only available for sponsored posts, if implemented correctly, the brand can establish a strong narrative, thus inciting the audience’s curiosity.
    The images used should be powerful and the information should lie between the first two focal points. Showtime effectively used the carousel ads to create a buzz around the second season of Penny Dreadful, showcasing different dimensions of the characters.
  2. Use tactical hashtags
    It’s impossible to get by social media without the use of #hashtags. Keep in mind to use tactical hashtags that are personal to your brand and the ones that associate with your campaign. It’s the one way to connect to the other information related to the topic under one umbrella. With the help of your hashtags, the customers will be able to relate and therefore be known as yours.
  3. JustUnfollow
    The followers are a common thread between brands of similar interests. Identifying the common followers and engaging them can solidify a brand’s marketing strategy. JustUnfollow is the perfect tool for achieving the same. All one has to do is enter the competitor’s name and JustUnfollow pulls up the list of the competitor’s followers. It opens up a whole new bunch of potential followers for your brand and assist in expanding your network at one go.
  4. Time your posts to the traffic
    Being aware of the time frame users’ are more likely to log in will help ensure max utilization of the potential Instagram holds. According to studies conducted, Instagram users are highly active during working days. Timing the posts in accordance to the visiting periods will warrant higher engagement.

With these steps in place, the brands will be able to enlarge their existing user base and create greater traction and popularity for themselves.