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Pinterest Marketing Tips

Social media, in general, has taken over the world. Visuals communicate more than words, be it images or videos. One such platform that a customer loves spending hours on is Pinterest. Thanks to its own special notes and best practices, it makes it extremely fun, exciting place to test, iterate and add value to those on the network.

By utilising this forum, you as a brand can not curate wonderful content but also make an impact with your pinners. Here are a few marketing strategies to adopt and help your business go viral in the digital world:

  1. Pin consistently
    Unlike Facebook and Twitter users who make do with  one or two posts a day, Pinners are happy to see more than 10 pins a day. As the image you post is not content heavy, it encourages the readers to scroll for more and explore. So pin as much as you can but keep it fresh, fun and relevant.
  2. Make it helpful
    Whatever brand you are, keep your pins in such a way that your readers can benefit from it. It could be tips or tricks, advice, shortcuts and human. When they are able to adapt any of what you pin to their daily life, they will come back to explore what else you can offer them. For large numbers of boards and pins, organisation is key. Each pin needs to serve a purpose and be visually interesting.
  3. Stick to the brand
    If you are a food brand, stick to that. If you are into fashion, stick to only that. You can branch out to see the different ways one can make use of your boards, but don’t go out of your brand guidelines. Keep the names of your boards funny and simple, interesting and creative to grab the attention of your readers. Stick to what you know is best and will work.
  4. Direct them to your website or blog
    If you have an e-commerce website, use Pinterest’s boards to drive your pinners to the website. Attract them with your creativity and pictures, interest them enough so that they will visit your website or blog to make the purchase.

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for bloggers and business owners to showcase their products and content on the website. So marketers, take advantage of this visual world and drive in dedicated pinners and customers.