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Promoting your brand the right way

Every brand wants to promote their name, their product, or an on-going event at any given point of time.
But how do you know if you’re doing it right?

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Well, here are some fool-proof methods that you could use to promote your brand without sounding too “sales-y”:

1. Use social proof

Nothing sells better than the loyal customers themselves. Talk about their testimonials, their feedback, speak through them and there’s the promotion you need. The added advantage? It instills trust in new customers and lets them know that others before them have used your product or service, and it works for them.

2. Use contests

Conducting contests are a great way to generate engagement without putting on too big a show. It helps in awareness, generate leads and sales and thereby useage of your brand. Just keep the contest simple and gift the winner an offer they can’t deny.
Here are a few simple contests that you can run on your social media page:

  1. Tomorrow is our 50% in store sale! Click like for your chance to win your entire purchase, free (max Rs.500). We’ll pick a winner tomorrow!
  2. We’re launching a new menu item and want your feedback. Comment below and tell us what ingredient you think we should add to the menu item pictured below. The winner will get a free year of the menu item!
  3. Caption this! Comment below with your idea. The comment that gets the most likes will win a prize!

3. Use visuals

In the social media world, visual contents work better than anything else any day. If you’re posting an image with your program, use the medium of videos, Vines, hyper lapse videos or just about any visual content to communicate. Instagram is a great source to share your story creatively

4. Use backstage stories

Your consumers want to know what happens behind the scenes. Post pictures of your product in the making and get your customers to see that you put work into what you do. Show them how your products are created, share your story, and  build a relationship with customers who care.

5. Use deals and promotions

Apart from conducting contests, make your customers feel special with a deal or promotion that no one else is offering. If it doesn’t work out the first time, keep trying and eventually when it picks up, make your prize bigger. You will notice how your product and service will shine in the spotlight.

Even if you’re just using one social media platform or all of them, you will benefit from it if you use it correctly. Experiment and learn from your mistakes, have fun while doing it, but never sound too pushy with your promotion. Keep a balance between the business side of you and human side.
Those that promote creatively, consistently and without sounding too promotional at the same time are the ones that get viable results.

So, what are the ways you want to promote your brand?