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How to Sell on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in the digital world right now. It’s become so ingrained on our daily routine that we hardly even notice how often we scroll through the photo feeds on a given day. Hence, marketers take it as a huge advantage and leverage on the rapid growth to promote and sell their products or services on Instagram. But how do you sell your product without alienating your followers?

The Instagramers prefer seeing more real images and videos rather than what are already on the rest of the social forums. They thrive to see real and authentic visuals to be convinced. In order for that to happen, a brand should understand how they can deliver this before they want to sell their product.

Here are a few brands that have truly understood what their customers want to see:

  1. Sharpie

This is one the popular brands that we all know about. Though office supplies don’t seem so fancy to the digital world, Sharpie proves them wrong by showing how differently we can use this product to make our mood and occasion.

  1. Herschel Supply Co

This travel forum have done a wonderful job of using this app to promote their product. Their #WellTravelled has given the opportunity for customers to post their travel journeys through videos and pictures that they regram. This in return gives the future and current followers to make their stories on behalf of the company, and getting hundreds of entries and followers in the process.

  1. Chobani Greek Yogurt

This is traditionally a breakfast food, but through Instagram, they tell people how they can use this product throughout the day. With ‘pair our yoghurt with that’ strategy, they are inventing how traditional yoghurt can be used throughout their daily meal.

What’s great about their attempt in leveraging this platform is that they show the value of their product before attempting to make a sale. Now how about making that sale, huh?

Instagram allows one to add the hyperlink to direct the customers to the final purchase. Though sometimes it doesn’t work, redirecting the customers to buy from the link provided in the bio will also help.

So get visual and post only authentic pictures and videos to get your loyal bunch of customers. In return make the followers your happy customers!