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Four Facebook Photo Contests to learn from

The world is trending with hashtags of photo contests. Turn to any corner of the social media world and you will find the brands asking one to take a picture, upload it and win something amazing out of it. Though it’s worked well for some firms, it’s been a fail for the others.

Here are a few firms that actually succeeded and know how you can improve your next contest:

  1. MILO – Lighter Side of Life
    When MILO launched their new low-sugar drink, they needed a campaign that will go viral. They combined the love of photography and creativity and conducted a photo computation. With an app that invited users to submit photographs, they based the winner solely on the rating system of views, comments, likes and shares.
    This helped them make an everlasting connection in the mind of anyone who took part in the contest.
  2. Rinso – Story of the Stain
    When you dirty your clothes, you run straight to your mother and ask her to wash it. Rinso wanted to focus on this mentality and say that dirt is good. They invited mothers to submit a photo of their child in a stained t-shirt and tell them the story behind the stain. In return, the mother and child were featured on the popular Indonesian soap-opera.
    This campaign connected well with the audiences as they helped the mothers create a memory out of an otherwise everyday chore and allowed them to smartly market their product. 
  3. Lenovo – What’s your Style
    When Lenovo launched their K900 photo worldwide, they wanted to ensure that it would work concurrently across all markets. They asked their fans to take their fanciest clothing, lay it out – take a quick snapshot and submit it to the app as their “K900 Style”. They received more than 60,000 entries worldwide. After all, who doesn’t like showing off – especially when you’re getting a brand new smartphone as a prize!
  4. AIA – Real Moments Everyday
    In an effort to re-brand AIA as a more ‘human’ brand – they invited fans to submit photographs of just real moments in their everyday lives. The gallery included moments like getting a big bear hug from their children after a long day, family time on weekends, hanging out in the neighbourhood and more.
    Given that the customer had barely anything to do, the photographs created just the right rebranding they needed.

From these popular photo contests we realise that the contest need not be about you but about how you make your customers feel. So next time you plan to make a campaign, think about how it would affect your brand and how in turn would make your customers feel.