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Get in-depth monthly report in your Reachall account

IntroducingMonthly reports for Real Estate!
If you’ve been wondering how your real
estate agency has been doing in the past month, we’ve got some very good news
for you!

You can now see your agency’s monthly report on your account! All you have to do is login, and scroll through it!

The first section shows you a graphical representation of the leads and properties added, as well as a detailed split-up of your productivity in the month and average productivity per day.

The Leads section shows you important
details such as your best lead sources, how many leads you got on an average
per day, as well as how many leads you got for each type of property, and other
important details such as which employee closed how many leads in the month.


The Property section also functions in
a similar fashion, while showing you the top 5 localities that gives you
business. It highlights the total properties and the type of properties added,
along with the status of the number of properties published.

Other features of this module let you
see the outstanding payments, as well as the campaigns sent out during the

If you’d like to see the monthly report
for a particular month in the past, you can generate it too! Just click on the
drop-down next to “Monthly Report” and select the month you’d like to see the
report of —– it’s that easy!

So have you tried out our new feature
yet? We’re sure you’ll love it!

ReachAll gives you insights into
effective real-estate management practices, and its  app is one of the
easiest solutions to real-estate management.


If you have any problems, or queries
related to the app, just give us a call on +91 9243566111 at any time
between 10 AM and 7 PM; we’re always here to help.