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Give Your Brand a Fun Persona on Social Media

Social Media lets you revamp your brand image and project it on multiple tones with ease and finesse. So, if you feel your brand lacks that new-age edge, break the ice, already! These pointers could be of great help while you are at it!

  1. Add Value

Everyone is on social networking sites to share thoughts, experience new things and connect. So think beyond your product and give them that extra slice of cheese that they will come back for. Be more than a product evangelizer, come out of your comfort zone and be willing to solve problems that go beyond the purview of your product alone.

  1. Invest In Customer Relationship

Your tone of voice must not make customers feel like they are potential business alone. Embrace their joys and sorrows and make them a friend that they can count on. Learn to speak the language of your customers. Participate in their activities. Show that you are one of them.  Your Social Media presence is the most resourceful space for this and well-pruned relationships speak for themselves.

  1. Advocate for Your Customers

Your customers want to know that your care is genuine enough. One very good example for this is the recent video, ‘My Choice’ that Vogue sponsored, starring Deepika Padukone. As much as vogue itself in its many beauty ads and fashion columns might have reinforced stereotypes, the empowering freedom seeking spirit of womanhood that the video shared was widely lauded. The video went viral and Vogue established goodwill for supporting that voice.


  1. Be true, be good

You are urging customers to invest time, effort and money in you.  So how different are you when there are 5 others in the same rut? Besides, news in Social Media spreads like wildfire and you are either an angel or a devil in no time. So, offer what you can deliver and deliver it right. Try to beautify and attract your target audience while you are at it but refrain from overkill

  1. Cash On Creativity

Social Media is an ocean of creativity so make the most of it to get noticed. You could either revamp your products with fun DIY features for your customers or present it with a cool quotient that will strike a better chord with them.  In addition, you could make use of instant user feedback too!


Brands need not remain to be their old redundant selves on Social Media. Get innovative and see the appeal it builds!