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Increase Followers on Twitter


Gaining a considerable following on Twitter can be a tricky process, but by spending some time and effort on a daily basis can steadily build a following of upto 1000. It does not involve one single tactic, rather a combined set of tips and tricks to engage and invite other Tweeple to follow your personal or professional account.



  1. Write your bio for others, not you
    Before you write your Twitter bio, ask yourself these two questions
    i) Why should someone follow me on Twitter?
    ii) How will others benefit by following me?
    By making your bio helpful, other users will understand how exactly they will benefit by following you, and the kind of information they can expect.
  2. Start by Following others
    When you create your Twitter account, expecting other users to start following you by the hundreds is unreal, unless you are a well-known, popular brand.
    After creating an appealing profile, start by following other tweeple. You can use  (free tool) to find people with similar interests, and start by following them. By targeting the followers in such a manner, you ensure reach an audience that will engage with your brand. Keep in mind that following too many users at a time will not look good for you profile, and once you follow 2000 people and your following has not increased proportionately,  Twitter will automatically prevent you from following more people. So go slow.
  3. Spend “active time” on Twitter
    When it comes to building your following on Twitter, you have to be proactive. Just scheduling tweets is not sufficient. You would have to engage with others (Reply to tweets, Retweet, and Favourite). Retweet content that you find interesting, and that which resonates with the brand. Mention people who you think might benefit from your content. Using hashtags also helps, and enables you to be a part of conversations.
  4. Be an authority on a subject
    While sharing information on a particular topic, ensure that you emerge as an authority on the same. Chances are your brand/company has quite a bit of know how on the niche that it is in. By delivering quality content that is useful for people you automatically build a follower base.
  5. Give your users what they want
    According to recent research for Twitter UK:
    i) 55% follow because they like the brand
    ii) 52% follow for special offers or promotions
    iii) 51% follow to stay up to date with news from the brand. Likewise, see what content your users engage most with, and alter your content strategy and offerings based on the same to attract to new followers as well.
  6. Reach out to Influencers
    Whether they’re popular bloggers, or other influencers in your field of work mention such people in your tweets, or directly tweet them.This will also put your brand on the radar of their followers, which could translate to them following your account.

By  tweeting often, and tweeting relevant, shareable content it is possible to reach a high number of followers on Twitter.  This, coupled with Following more users will enable you to cast a wider net and reach out to more and more users. Start getting your 1000 followers on Twitter, today!