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Importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Is it worth your time & money?

Internet penetration has reached a new high & every second person we meet is on at least one of the social media platforms, thus signifying the importance of social media marketing. With social media now overpowering us than ever before, it’s become imperative for brands as well to register their presence on these platforms& connect with their consumers directly.

However, what makes brands sceptical is the downside of internet access to a huge population. Even the slightest glitch encountered by a single consumer now reaches millions others, thus compounding the issue several times.

So is Social Media Marketing really worth it?

  • Increase the Reach of your Brand

In times of no internet, traditional marketing methods helped brands to reach mass-market. However, the keyword here is mass. While the information about the product reached several people, it was hard to determine if a large chunk of those receiving the information were the target audience.

Internet has made it far easier to reach our intended audience & derive metrics regarding the viable reach of our brand communication.

  • Receive Credible Customer Feedback 

Social media platforms have considerably bridged the gap between organizations & their customers. Social media facilitates free-flowing conversation between consumers & their product/service providers. While it also keeps the brand’s image on the edge, it also provides a great opportunity for a brand to revamp its image or makeup for a blunder through the genuine feedback received by its consumers.

Also, following the conversations amongst consumers & analysing their updates give an insight into their preferences, hobbies & the way they perceive a particular brand/product category.

  • Increase the ROI

Social Media Marketing has revolutionized the way brands spend on marketing. The extensive reach received for just a few pennies cannot be compared to huge spends on traditional marketing methods. From big conglomerates to small & medium enterprises, social media marketing provides a level playing field for companies to connect with their customers. Great content has resulted in brands unknown to people registering their presence overnight & becoming known.

If tackled mindfully, social media marketing has the power to make or break a brand’s image. However, staying away from it only means providing your competitors a chance to tap into your target market, thus losing out on a huge potential customer base & turning existing customers into brand loyalists through exemplar customer relationship management.