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Is your business tweeting enough?

Recently, HubSpot, a U.S.-based inbound marketing and sales platform sent out a survey to 7000 businesses that were its customers, in an effort to find out how many times a day they tweeted.

The results averaged at one tweet a day, even for large companies who had more data to tweet about.

Considering that the average active twitter spends between 170 and 250 minutes each month (depending on their convenience) on Twitter; most companies on that survey missed out on huge chunks of their audiences.

The problem is that most other companies do the same.

So how do you make sure your content reaches your audience?

  1. Tweet a minimum of five times a day. 
    Spread out from morning to night, tweeting at least five times every 24 hours keeps you safe, especially when you’re not sure when your followers are going to come online. It also gives you more exposure.
  2. Test (and measure) your audience.
    When you have a number of groups that your audience can be categorised into (say, according to profession), running a test of say about 40-50 tweets a day can turn out to be very useful, especially when you make use of good social media measurement tools, and you have power-followers. Try and see what attracts your audience, and who specifically it attracts.
  3. Mix up your content.
    Experiment with important links, updates from your peers, curated content, quotes, questions, charts, photos, hashtag engagement, and fan-generated content.
  4. Use intelligent social media tools.
    Nobody said this is your burden alone. Try out different social media tools and see which one work out the smartest for you, in terms of handling, scheduling and curating your bulk of content.
  5. Don’t post just anything.
    It’s tempting to put out just about anything to fill up space on your Twitter, but the minute your audience fails to see worth in your feed, they’ll drop from your following like dead flies. Make sure to always have curated, interesting, relevant content.

What are your tried and tested methods that helped you connect with your audience? Leave us a comment– we’d love to know!