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Make your emails more effective — avoid these mistakes!

Email marketing is a form of marketing that is vastly seen to be one-sided. You get your customers’ contact details, and immediately start sending them emails when you have something exciting to announce. Typically this approach just allows you to come up with what you need to say, the look and feel of the emails, optimization, and actually sending the emails, which while being hassle-free, doesn’t allow your customer to relate to the emails.

Here are some common mistakes you could be making in your email marketing campaigns:

  • Not creating a dedicated landing page that redirects to the offer or copy you’re testing makes you miss out on the opportunity to test what works on your customer. The customer feels disconnected, and doesn’t spend more than a few seconds on it before bouncing to another page.
  • Making customers scroll is never a good idea, especially when they’re willing to subscribe, register, or avail of the offer you want to make them. It makes the customer feel like he or she should work to get in on what they want, and it is sure to put them off as well. An ideal answer to this would be to move the subscribe/register/offers button on the top or in the middle of the page.
  • Not managing the lists of subscribers could be one of the worst mistakes you can make, especially when you have to respond quickly to requests for information or unsubscription.
  • Making your emails long and uninteresting. A good rule of thumb would be “the more frequent the email, the shorter your content should be”. Any more than that, and you might witness more unsubscribe rates than anything else.
  • Not monitoring your customers’ behaviours— how many of them opened the mail, how long they spent on it, or whether they took an action on it; is another very common mistake, especially since it’s this data that helps you decode your customers’ likes, interests, hobbies, and things they’d like to spend on.

So now that you know what not to do with your email campaigns, focus on what you should and watch your customers’ engagement grow!