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How to monitor your team’s productivity?

How to use Reachall to monitor your team’s productivity?
As a manager, one of the main
responsibilities you have is monitoring your team members’ productivity… but
most managers in the Indian Real Estate field are stuck in when it comes to
maintaining leads and monitoring the productivity of their teams.

Here is how the Reachall app helps
you monitor your team’s productivity:

The Dashboard has a section called ‘Leads’
under which you can see the details of all the properties that have been
closed, who closed them, and what type of property it is, and via which source
it was closed.

In case you have not assigned your leads to anyone in
your team via Reachall, you should do so since this practice lets you
manage your team’s productivity and even help it improve. In order to assign
leads to a team member, you should go to the Lead section of the Reachall app.
Clicking on each lead, or hovering over it and clicking on the Edit button lets
you assign open leads to anyone in your team.

Once you’ve assigned leads to your team members, it’s
easy to monitor their performance and productivity. This can be done by
selecting their name in the dropdown in the Dashboard’s Leads section. Doing so
will show you how many leads your team member closed, as well as their success rate.

Going to the Leads module itself in the Reachall app
helps you see how many leads are open, and which categories they belong to.

Last but not least, the best way to monitor your
team’s performance and productivity is to close your leads once they’re done.
Hover over an open lead, and click on Close to change its status from open to
closed.  Entering a note about who closed the lead is also important as
this helps you keep track on his productivity.

So that’s it! Following these steps
should have you on the right track to monitoring your team’s productivity!

ReachAll helps you in every step of
the process, but if you have any problems, do feel free to give us a call on +91
at any time between 10 AM and 7 PM.