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Novel Indian Social Media Platforms to look out for!

India has has caught the social media bug on a large level, and how! It’s not just Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora, Spotify or foreign apps/websites any more… There are some novel ideas built into existence by Indians, and they look pretty good too! Here’s a look at our favourite 5:

1.Lets Ride – social network for joint riding

Let’s Ride takes the idea of car-pooling to the next level with social networking. Conceptualised by Rajkumar Mundel, an electronics engineer from Pune; the site allows privacy-protected information sharing, ride creation, joining a created ride and sharing memories from rides that have happened before. You can also create communities and find like-minded travel enthusiasts to hang around with. It clubs both car-pooling and travel enthusiasm, creating an engaging platform to network on.

2.Flixstreet – social platform to discover Indian movies

Flixstreet is a platform founded by a group of movie lovers – Arindam Mukherjee, Subhadeep Mondal, Arnab Bhattacharya and Tithee Mukhopadhyay who wanted something to allow movie junkies to discuss, review and rate movies together. The network allows you to discover, share and follow your friends’ recommendations on movies and get discounts when you plan to watch a movie with your friends.  You can log in through Facebook to network with your existing friends, or even invite other friends to sign up to use the platform with you.

3.Wishberg – network for wishes

Wishberg, a Mumbai based consumer startup allows users to build and manage their ‘One Wish List for Life’. The startup that recently rebranded itself and  it pivoted from its original idea of curating wishes to a simple wishing platform. Over the time,  it has included features such as custom wishlists, personal event registry, and future timeline that has made it something personal and useful too.

4.Vebbler – personal social network

Founded by Sahil Bhagat, Vebbler is a high-privacy social network that every Indian wants and never had until now. It allows you to separate your friends, work and family circles… But the best part is how it keeps your activity on them private as well. This network stands out for its elegant design and innovative features such as its messaging app along with a set of custom made stickers or rich emoticons.

5.Hammer –  Allows You To Share Opinions

Hammer (launched by brothers: Amit and Gaurav Khanna),  is one of the new networks that’s got some global acclaim. It allows you to connect with people to get their opinions, feedback and suggestions in a jiffy.

This goes to again prove that social media is as vast as one’s imagination. Just a bit of innovation and you stumble on a number of options to create, communicate and innovate both for business and leisure.
Have you tried any of these platforms/networks?