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Pin Wins: 5 Successful Campaigns on Pinterest

While Pinterest is a relatively new as a marketing platform, this very novelty has proven to benefit some interesting campaigns in the recent past. Here is a look at five of such inspiring success stories that you could model your own Pinterest campaigns on.

  1. Guess’s “Color Me Inspired” Pinterest Campaign
    Fashion brand Guess challenged fans to create boards based on four spring colours: ‘Noir Teal’, ‘Hot House Orange,’ ‘Red Hot Overdue’ and ‘New Plum Light’ for a chance to win a pair of colour-coated denim from their spring collection. The contest ran for 7 days in which four lucky winners were selected. The campaign garnered attention as it made use of the free-spirited idea of creating boards.
  1. British Midland International’s “Pinterest Lottery”
    BMI (British Midland International) launched what could be the first lottery campaign called the #bmipinterestlottery . Users had to “pin” up to six images from seven different travel designations on their Pinterest boards to share with their friends. All the photos had a number from 1 to 63. Each week, BMI chose a number at random and the users who had repinned the image with the associating number would be qualified for a chance to win a pair of free return flights to any BMI destination. The brand cashed on the usability of content present on the boards which enhanced both brand recall and user engagement.
  1. Kotex’s Women’s Inspiration Day
    The brand found 50 ‘inspiring’ women via Facebook accounts and searches through Pinterest. After selecting the lucky 50, the brand sent virtual gifts to each one of the individuals. If the recipient pinned the virtual gift, she would then get a real gift in the mail based on something she pinned.
    100% of the women posted something about their gift, not only on Pinterest, but also on all the other major social networks.
    Kotex sent in  50 kits and got, 2,284 total interactions and 694,853 total impressions!
  1. Honda’s ‘Pintermission’
    Honda created a brilliant Pinterest campaign called #Pintermission. The brand gave out $500 to five of the most active pinners, asking them to take a go off the site and actually treat themselves to the things they have been pinning about.
    The five winners received a Twitter @mention and $500. Honda asked the winners to share images from their short break on the Honda Pinterest page upon their return. They cashed what social media is all about- a slice of your dreams and life, out for the world to see!
  1. Sephora’s Color Wash
    Since it seems that Pinterest’s target audience is mostly female, Sephora, a cosmetics brand created a new competition called ‘Sephora Color Wash.’ The cosmetic brand encouraged users to create a new board titled ‘Sephora Color Wash’ in the Hair & Beauty category and pin the competition page on their board as well as five images featuring their favourite colour for a chance to win one of ten $250 Sephora gift cards. The brand hit the bull’s eye as they smartly by using user-generated content itself in their favour.Your brand could create effective visibility, adoration and recall with a diligently executed Pinterest campaign. Get going, pin and win!