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Pinning the winning stake: Unique ways for a brand to use Pinterest

In our last two editions, we saw how the effective use of Pinterest could help you reach your target audience. This time, we show you examples of brands that take their own message and use it in original ways to bag their Pinterest audience:

1.Brand: Chobani Yogurt

    What they do: Embrace being the ‘jack of all trades’

Chobani yogurt represents itself as a jack of all trades– besides being yummy yogurt, it can also be used in baking, frozen treats, gourmet dishes, and is a healthy substitute to full-fat curds. By positioning itself as a mediocre brand, Chobani has the freedom to experiment with social media.

What you could do: Sometimes, it helps to be the jack of all trades since it’s the big brands that already have an image cut out for them. As a small or medium-sized brand, you can afford to be socially active, express valid opinions and expand the perception of your brand. You can try out different approaches to engage with your audience and connect with them on different levels while letting them shape you. This should be balanced carefully so you don’t digress from your brand’s essence though.

2.Brand: Vivanta by Taj

    What they do: Use visual appeal to sell

Vivanta’s guest favourites’ boards is specially known for lovely images, while also focussing on the great action that happens behind the scenes as well.

What you could do: Focus on getting picturesque images, the right colours and well researched content that always add to your brand’s image, and especially so on social media. Pinterest boards are all about getting the right visual appeal for your brand– this will not only enforce personality but also helps sell.

3.Brand: Zomato

    What they do: Showcase specialization in food with dedicated pinboards.

Zomato has a pinboard dedicated to every cuisine since it goes well with their spunky attitude. They know that users love leaders who seem to be the best at what they do.

What you could do: Showcase your skills like you mean it! Pinterest lets you show users how you know everything that you need to.This sea of content could also be a point of reference that let them develop their association with.

4.Brand: Ben and Jerry’s

    What they do: Cash on the heritage of your brand with their History pinboard.

The heritage of your brand is often the most under-rated plethora for content to be drawn from. It interests the users a lot more than we think it does.

What you could do: If your fans show a lot of interest in who you are and you see yourself going down as a great brand, make sure to document the important things. Where your brand started at, what it was like in the beginning and the milestones you crossed will all be essential in creating  a connect with your audience. Share your favourite memories with your fans. Use these stories to create intimate brand connections.


5.Brand: Sephora

    What they do: Use links to drive traffic to their website

Pinterest allows you to showcase your offerings in a subtle yet impactful way. While it may look like nice re-sharable content that you are showing, linking them to your own website will get users to make purchases.

What you could do:  Get great content, and link it all to your own website, just like Sephora does. This shows users that they can also purchase products if they really like them that much.

Pinterest is all about creativity and being smart about the content you generate. As much as it is re-used and shared content at times, it is also about how well you get to your audience with the little effort you put in. It is different from other social media platforms mostly because it is relatively new in India, and therefore gives you the room to grow with your market, set benchmarks and make the rules. So go ahead and sin, pin and win your brand’s path to glory!