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Pinterest Marketing Tips

Previously we saw how Pinterest could help you engage with your customers and enhance interaction levels. This week, let’s look at how some brands are actually implementing those ideas to reach out to their target audiences.  This also gives an interesting insight into the role that Pinterest plays in their social media strategies.

L.L.Bean- 5.5 Million followers

L.L.Bean believes in diversity and caters to a wide range of interesting topics, thus getting noticed by potential customers who might be interested in any one of those topics. For example, their ‘Woodland Creatures’ board alone has 4.5 million followers, testifying the brand’s knack to tap onto their target audience. L.L. Bean has as many as 29 different boards, from fashion, to the outdoors and wildlife. They also have special boards for holiday seasons and gifting options.

Jetsetters 4.7 million followers

With their most popular board, ‘Daily Moment of Zen’, Jetsetters have made the most of their audiences’ love for picturesque images. While they have as many as 47 boards, ‘Daily Moment of Zen is all about dream travel destinations and breath-taking images. With brilliant pictures, Jetsetters have made a mark both online and offline. Besides, they also have specific boards for destination, travel memoirs etc.

Everyday Health 3.8 Million followers

With a guest board by famed nutritionist, Joy Bauer, Everyday Health is doing a great job with both garnering attention and eliciting responses. While they have about 40 boards, the guest board gives out inspirational quotes health tips and success stories. A major hit with their audience, they have made health care both accessible and interesting.

Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop- 6140 followers

Much loved for their chic trends, this Delhi-based brand is a well-known name on Pinterest with boards that feature official content from celebrities and fashion weeks. For example, their Will’s fashion week board and Lakme Fashion week boards are a huge hit. Also their Couture diaries that features some exciting trends have gotten customers to love the brand. They mix it up with a balance between their products and fashion trends, tips, advice and DIY’s, which makes it a very engaging for its audience.

Myntra-  1,976 followers

While Indian brands may not have followers in millions on Pinterest, Myntra has been doing a pretty good job engaging its followers on Pinterest with zany content and eye-catchy creatives. Myntra  has both an Indian and a global appeal to its content. Besides, they have a lot of user generated content with blogs and tips. Their celeb-fashion board is another major hit.

Myntra-  1,976 followers

  1. They started small on Pinterest and went on to not only build a base of followers but also create a content stock that resonates with the brand personality.
  2. They not only focus on their products/services but anything that is even remotely associated with them.
  3. They built on their brand’s personality. The key to doing this is to mould it into a seemingly full-fledged character with personifiable attributes- funny, witty, helpful, stylish, rustic, etc.
  4. Asking “What Would My Brand Do” is an important question. Having a brand mascot, a colour scheme, and a vision statement (even if it’s all just internally) would help shape the direction that the brand takes socially.

These pointers are what was common amongst these brands, and hence are a winning combination for social media, along with the indispensable, healthy dose of intuition.

Pinterest offers a plethora of opportunities to get potential customers to get excited about your brand. Use it to your advantage and notice the difference!