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Reachall turns two!

December 12th  heralded childlike excitement and sheer joy at the prospective of turning two, which was coupled with all the fun lined up –  ofcourse in the comfort of good food! The highlight of the day was Potluck and each of us got a delicacy that (luckily) turned out to be a spread to remember.We walked into the festive-special office that had decorations and buntings reminiscent of ‘Happy-wala-birthday’ from school plus chocolates at each of our desks!  banner nameDressed that we were like it was our own birthdays, we couldn’t have enough selfies and groufies.  But even as the atmosphere was setting in, all we had was food on our mind!  Like Sales Director, Priyanka had to say, “The silence before the storm. Everybody was waiting for someone to start off the awesome spread and then it was ambushed.“ From poori-chola to corn cheese, sausages to vada pav, puliyogre to biryani, puttu to paneer burji, raita, rasam and chips– the spread was extensive, delicious and reflected the efforts everybody had put in. Gulab jamun, kesari bath and puran poli were some of the desserts. While we began stuffing ourselves, Anila, our content writer, doubled up as the photographer for the day and got us few clicks that will stay etched in our memories.
After the long meal, we sat together for another coveted moment- the certificate distribution! Some of us got a pat for our contributions and well carried-out projects. Followed by a ‘Foodgasm’, as Anila puts it, it was indeed sweet bliss!

The brains behind the event, HR Manager Khusboo gushed, “I will always cherish the excitement the entire team showed and the lovely variety that we could bring in for the day.”

And, to add perspective, CEO, Hiren’s words sums it the best way, “The last 2 years have been exciting and adventurous with bouts of happiness and pain. I’m very proud of the team and the passion they bring to work every day.  In all a great fun-filled day to celebrate the past 2 years of Reachall and look forward to the next year with vigour, energy and passion. Cheers.”

Here’s to turning 2 and the dreams of turning 2,3, 4……  ∞