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Takeaways From Successful LinkedIn Company Pages

Our last two articles about LinkedIn have given you pointers on how to successfully use this platform to take your business forward.  In addition to highlighting these LinkedIn tips, below are some examples of companies that have successfully leveraged LinkedIn to connect with people and complement their business strategies.

  1. IBM: This IT giant has more than 400,000 followers on LinkedIn. Recent blog posts, stock prices, tweets and an intro video are the content displayed on the IBM company page. This enables followers to get a good idea of what the company is doing and keeps them up to date with any developments that would affect them. Apart from this, IBM also showcases its job openings and recommendations. What this does is, drives audience to learn more about the respective job opportunities and departments. By featuring job opportunities, IBM is able to grab the interest of those audiences who are looking for a job change. 
  2. Kellogg: Like IBM, Kellogg also shares job openings. Additionally it also shows off the company culture by sharing awards. This is done by using updates to share honours and special recognition that the company has received. Showcasing the company culture is important because it lets audience know what it unique about an organisation, and how it stands out from other organisations. 
  3. Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts: The organisation is able to get the attention of the many professionals on LinkedIn who travel for work. These individuals spend time making hotel reservations around the world, and this is where the Four Seasons content comes into play. By featuring great videos, and readable content they are able to build a helpful, engaging presence on LinkedIn. 
  4. Coca-Cola: The company shares a lot of content from its digital magazine, Coca-Cola Journey. Keeping in mind that they have to connect with a professional audience, their content is streamlined accordingly. Articles about business innovation, jobs and work culture are shared on the LinkedIn page. By appealing to the interests of an older, more professional audience, Coca-Cola receives more engagement on LinkedIn.

What do you think? Are you using your company page on LinkedIn to connect with your audience efficiently? With the right mix of content and creativity, your LinkedIn page can work wonders for your business.