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How to increase your Retweets

We’ve long since covered the basics of Tweeting to your brand’s followers, but the basics can get you only so far. Now that your account is a little older, here are some other useful tips that could help you get more and more retweets (let’s face it, this is why your brand got on to Twitter in the first place):
Use smart language
Use longer, more intelligent words that aren’t emotional or used frequently. This might sound discriminative and even downright rude, but studies show that tweets that cater to intelligent people are more likely to get retweeted!
Know how social media works
Don’t expect mention of your brand’s self to get re-tweeted unless things are very, very good or very, very bad– it’s just how social media works!
Use the word ‘please’
The word ‘please’ in your tweets makes your content look engaging. Use ‘please’ to ask for a re-tweet. Doing this increases the chance of a retweet dramatically.
Have newsworthy content
According to studies, pieces of news are the most re-tweeted type of content irrespective of demographic and social divides. If you can’t, it’s always good to remember that instructions and general entertainment closely follow the ‘retweetability’ of news.
Understand gender probability
Understand that men and women retweet differently. This could be the key to your Twitter marketing campaign. Women retweet more about entertainment, products and instructions while men retweet more about opinion.
Time your tweets
Retweets are maximum around 2 in the afternoon and die down after 7 in the evening. It’s advisable to post around the peak hours  so that your tweet does not let lost among the million others that get posted.
Measure your tweets
Measure and see how many of your direct followers retweet your tweets. The more a tweet is re-tweeted, the more its chances of getting retweeted by other Twitter users increases.
Spend time on Twitter
Work at least once a week on your Twitter account. Follow people, tweet original, interesting content. Growing your following and perfecting the art of getting retweets takes time, but it’s worth it.
Mix up your content
Make sure that you share 80% of other great, relevant content you see on Twitter and 20% is about you and your offerings. However, do this with caution– you don’t want to confuse your audience. Social media allows people to make judgements at a first glance, so if you’re not true to the brand’s message, you might as well drown it.
On following suggested users
On the left-hand corner that says ‘Suggested’ users are mostly famous and well-known people. The chances of your tweets being retweeted are higher if you follow them.
Twitter can be very helpful when used right or can destroy you in seconds. So be very careful when you tweet and retweet. But get interacting, get active and watch your presence on social media grow.