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The Rise of Social Media through WhatsApp

The world of social media has become so diverse that we can access it anywhere, anytime we want, all thanks to the device called ‘cell phone’. One such app that’s taken over our lives is WhatsApp. It won’t be wrong to say that it has become an integral part of our lives that the first and last thing we do in our lives is check WhatsApp messages.

With instant messaging taken to a new level with this app, it acts as a boon on a larger scale – including helping bust crime. The simplified communication offered makes it easy for businesses like you to employ, promote and expand the brand.

Here are some ways WhatsApp can be used beyond just sending memes and forwards:

Customer Service and Communication

  1. The app facilitates real-time response along with multimedia support, therefore making it immensely useful for customer service and communication. As it does not have a word limit like Twitter, one can use this to even send across essays. But of course, the readers believe in short and precise communication!
    As a person checks WhatsApp more frequently than Twitter and Facebook, you can use it to your advantage and share news updates, blog posts, and communicate with them on a personal level. What makes it the best tool to do so is that it’s free of cost and everyone loves texting! 
  2. Customised Service
    With the help of various portals, you can create a group with phone numbers and keep in touch with your customers. It’s a great way to churn out products – it’s a trend that’s steadily gaining momentum, after all.
    According to Economic Times, more and more specialised businesses are adopting this app today. With the latest feature of WhatsApp call, it’s made it easier for clients and businesses.
  3. Complaint Portals
    With the help of high-speed and 3g data pack internet, an individual can use the apps on the go. In case of emergencies or complaints, if they don’t have credit balance on their phone to make a call, they can use WhatsApp and place their concern. Brands can use this to an advantage and keep themselves alert when such a message arrives.

We often tend to look at Whatsapp as just another instant messaging but when applied properly it can benefit us in multiple ways, the well of opportunities it holds is limitless. It offers marketers a unique opportunity to tap into a highly engaged audience and build a list of consumers who want to hear about your businesses. So, hop on the WhatsApp train and start making profits.