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Transfer your leads from email automatically into your Reachall account

5 Steps to get your leads received in email automatically updated in Reachall

are the most important part of your business. The more leads with regular
follow ups have always yielded to more business.

Is keeping
track of your leads been a painful task?


You can
now keep a track of your leads in a very organized manner with Reachall. Now
with our new feature, you can get all your incoming leads in email updated to your Reachall account automatically with just
few clicks. To activate this option in your account, just follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Login to your Reachall account:

Step 2: Click on the Leads Tab and Click on the Activate Now in the
above mentioned orange notification bar as shown below.


Click on the Settings in the
right hand corner of the screen and Click on Lead
Import Settings as shown below

Step 3:

Click on Link
email account.
Enter your GMAIL
and Password.

Step 4: Enter your GMAIL

and Password.

Step 5: Click on ACCEPT as shown below:

You can now view your leads
getting updated into your Reachall account AUTOMATICALLY.


1.  Reachall will not save
your GMAIL ID/PW. It is a onetime activity and will be used only to link your

2.  This option can be
activated only if you have GMAIL Account. If you do not use GMAIL account, pls create one and update this in your profile settings in all the property publishing sites such as,, etc.