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Using Social media as your customer service platform

5 keys to the Epic Zomato and Burrp profile

When your brand goes digital, it’s all good… until someone says something negative on a social media platform. Social media is a popular platform to air their opinions and experiences, but if it does turn out to be negative, grab the opportunity to show your customer that you care.

If you’re doing customer service the traditional way, there may be many ways that you’re missing out.

Here are top 5 reasons to why you should use the social media portal to respond to the customer’s concern:
1. It’s immediate
When a customer posts a query or complaint with your brand name on it, it will be uploaded for public viewing almost immediately. A notification is received on your end asking to reply back to them as soon as possible. The faster you reply, the more each party gains, especially in cases of emergencies like a flight delay, a change in booking due, or cancellation of reservations.
2. Follow-ups are easy
The reason customers prefer social media to customer service is to avoid the long hours of wait over the phone and the extended call transfers. When customers get in touch with you, they want to replied to on the same platform and avoid the mechanical series of hoops. The social media platform is the easiest follow-up publicly or privately.
3. It gives the customer a personal touch
An immediate reply from your end makes the customer feel important. Everything is visible on social media platforms, so you’re forced to reply to every customer personally– A standard response that’s just copy-pasted will only make your customers disrespect you. It’s important that you respond to the customer in a friendly, helpful, and yet professional manner to balance to your conversational tone.
4. It’s transparent
Customers get to air their problems and get insights not only from other customers who might have faced a similar problem in the past, but they also get to feel in control of the situation, and gauge the time taken by the brand to respond.
As a brand, you can showcase how well you’ve handled customer complaints on social media and how happy the customer was with the result– this adds to your credibility.
5. It encourages more brand mentions
When you handle the situation smoothly, the customer will appreciate it and praise you for the good work you’ve done. Be it a compliment or a complain, your brand will be mentioned by more people, thereby helping the SEO ranking.
By following these steps, you will not only increase your visibility, but also your reputation with your online audience.