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Using Twitter Effectively – Part 1

Using Twitter Effectively – Part 1

Social media is one of the best ways to market your product these days. Although people believe that Facebook is a bigger platform to advertise, Twitter should not be ignored. It drives the right kind of people that you want, sends the message to them without any hassle and keeps one updated about what you are up to.


Follow these tips and make the bird tweet for you-

  1. Keep your accounts ready:

    1. It’s very important that the username mentions the business name.

    2. Make sure that the profile picture and cover picture is what represents the product.

    3. Add a catchy tagline that explains the type of business you are.

  2. Use the remaining characters for hyperlinks: If you’re not adding an image, use the remaining 20 characters to add shortened links– they give you more clicks.

  3. Use “@” mentions while Tweeting: When you use the “@” mentions, you personalise the post. If it’s someone who already has many followers, it becomes an advantage to you. And most importantly, people like it when the posts are personalised.

  4. Use hashtags: One of the latest trends online these days is the use of hashtags (#). It helps identify similar topics and keeps people in the loop. This does not mean that you give a hashtag for every sentence – select the most important keyword, if there’s a hashtag similarly trending and get more views.

  5. Ask for re-tweets The more people re-tweet, the more people see it. It’s basically networking with your content. So ensure your content is such that it’s worth re-tweeting.

Now that you’ve discovered the formular for the perfect tweet, watch the Twitter users follow your account and retweet your post.

ReachAll gives you insights into effective digital marketing, and its app helps you manage the social reputation of your restaurant. If you have any problems or queries, do feel free to give us a call on +91 9243566111 at any time between 10 AM and 7 PM.