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Utilising Pinterest for Branding


Why Brands Should Jump on Board Pinterest

While Facebook and Twitter still continue to dominate the social media space as go-to sites to promote a brand or business, there are other lucrative options such as Pinterest which are worth putting some time and effort into. With regard to e-commerce specifically, Pinterest is able to drive more qualified buyers to online retailers when compared to other social media, and that’s just scratching the surface.



Below are few more reasons why it is worthwhile for brands to embrace Pinterest:

  1. Creating more connections
    Expanding your network on Pinterest is simple because of the convenient Search options on the same. Simply enter industry related phrases/words to find Pinners who have an affinity for the same field. This can be taken a step further, and you can repin their pins to and build engagement.
  2. Giving your brand a personality
    Pinterest is a great way to showcase the true essence of your brand. This could include the inspiration behind your business, behind the scenes photos of employees, and core values of your organisations. By humanising your brand, you make it easier for the audience to identify with.Practising this on Pinterest is advisable as users find it easier to keep up with a Pinterest board on the same, rather than keeping up with a company blog.
  3. Enables good inbound marketing
    As touched upon earlier, Pinterest allows simplified inbound marketing as it takes users fewer steps from discovery to conversion. This means that customers from  Pinterest convert into sales leads much faster.
  4. Pinterest as a major advertising platform
    With the introduction of Promoted Pins Pinterest has opened up yet another way to get the attention of users.  Promoted Pins look similar to regular pins, but are put in front of a bigger audience. These perform better in terms of reach and in some instances perform long after  a campaign ends.
  5. Helps position business as an industry expert
    From videos and images to excerpts from white papers, brochures and PR coverage Pinterest doesn’t limit the kind of content you can share. This is advantageous as you can share content that positions your organisation as an expert in a particular field. As brand authority is an integral element of marketing, it creates more opportunities for the organisation.

By providing different ways in which you can showcase your brand and products/services, Pinterest allows you to reach a wider range of users. With a little creativity, you can use it to engage with the audience and build a loyal customer base, which is essential to every business. What are you waiting for? Start pinning.