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Ways to Improve your Newsletter

You’re probably one of those brands who sends out at least 3-4 emailers a week. You spend a lot of time thinking and acting on advice about testing email headlines and layouts for mobiles, and email timings. But the fact is that most of us get spammed by newsletters and emails on an everyday basis. So how do you make YOUR newsletter stand out?Here are a few simple tips you should consider to make not just you, but even your customers proud of receiving (and reading) your newsletter:

1.Build a relationship first

Your customers are the only reason your company is still functioning. Improve your writing quality and impress your subscribers. Direct it to them using words like ‘you’ and ‘your’; use simple words. Educate them about your services, but not advertising them so that the benefits are understood without seeming too pushy.

2.Keep it short and sweet

Most people have a really short attention-span nowadays, so make sure your content is easy to see– keep it minimalistic, but with your style too.
Another way to keep it interesting and short is to tease people with short bits of information (and not reveal everything you have to say) so that they feel compelled to click and learn more.

3.Use social media as a testing ground

If you have a project or campaign in mind, use the power of social media to find out if your subscribers will be interested in it. Put the topic on your personal or LinkedIn group pages and start a discussion. In this way, you will not only get in touch with your own subscribers but also people from outside who might become interested in subscribing after this.

Keep the content interesting and always follow-up to know the results.

4.Play with content

Spice up the content you send out in your emailers each week and measure how each strategy works. Play around with the elements of different layouts that make sense to your brand, styles of communication, etc– make sure to not change everything at once; but constantly look to see how you did and how you can improve next time.

5.Make people raise eyebrows

You can say all you want about doing a certain activity, but to do actually do it makes a whole lot of difference. Test the limits of your brand– take the product/service to network events, hold video chats, put new pictures etc., and see what your audience raise their eyebrows for. This way, you’ll know if you’ve succeeded or not!

Sending out an email campaign should be about educating your subscribers on how beneficial you are to them. While you don’t have to be an entertainer, adding a little charm