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Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) important?

And how to rank your website/blog for SEO

The term ‘herd mentality’ came into being for a reason. And in today’s day & age, it has taken a new form. Every third person you meet claims to be a blogger or a content developer/writer. While you exhibit your appreciation for their skill, you get ready to be disappointed yet again by the quality of work being doled out in the name of content.

On the other hand, there are times you are searching for a product/service/store online & several random results pop-up in response to your query, with most links leading to unrelated results.

Sounds familiar? We know exactly!

It’s for this reason that search engines such as Google rank the content being uploaded so the best is presented to you against your query.  And optimizing your website/blog would improve its search engine ranking. The process is termed Search Engine Optimization.

In addition to that, those at the bottom of the funnel need to be converted with more aggressive marketing campaigns. It is then that the Search Engine Marketing comes into the picture where bidding for appropriate keywords can rank a business higher than any organic result.

Several factors affect a webpage’s ranking on the search engine – the most important being content that is relevant & not repetitive.

On-page SEO 

The steps taken on our own website to influence the search engine rankings form a part of on-page SEO. These include (but are not limited to) a well-structured site-map, relevant content, site speed & layout etc. URLs, page-load time, meta tags – all comprise on-page SEO. Usage of keywords same or similar to the user query is a great way to rank higher in search engine results. However, it pays to remember that unnecessary usage of keywords out of context is a sure shot way to facilitate your website’s down-ranking.



  Off-page SEO

Activities that improve search engine rankings of a website but are not performed on the website are categorised under off-page SEO. Backlinks to your website form a major chunk of off-page SEO. The more the back links, the higher the chances of the website being ranked better. However, it is important to note that back links from non-credible or irrelevant sites might adversely affect the search page rankings. A few other factors are domain authority & online reputation.

SEO is no more an option but a requirement in the digital age. It helps better content stand out, thus ensuring that well-optimized websites get noticed by the users, thus helping in better call-to-action results, better conversion of leads & eventually better business. From the user’s point of view, SEO ensures that only relevant & filtered content reaches the user.

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