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Why your company needs online marketing

Marketing is a key factor in the success of a business. With rapidly evolving technology and a steady growth in the number of netizens today, the usage of online marketing is starting to catch up with that of the more traditional methods of advertising. In today’s time and age it is no longer enough for businesses to invest in offline marketing alone and it is becoming increasingly necessary a strong online presence has become a necessity in today’s time and age and here is why.

To begin with, the potential the online sphere has to offer in terms of population and reach is immense. For example, if a company is looking to advertise online, a single advertisement has the potential to reach 3 billion internet users. The internet offers a global platform that businesses can use to launch their brands without incurring large expenses. Another compelling reason to adopt digital marketing is that social media platforms give you the option of defining the demographics of your target audience, making this form of advertising far more appropriate and. Advertisements are guaranteed to reach their desired audience, thereby equipping businesses with an efficient and cost effective marketing tool. The returns on the company’s investment on online advertising are clearly quantifiable making it easier to separate the good marketing strategies from the bad.

Small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to harness the online platform make use of the online sphere even if they’re on a limited budget. Not only do marketing teams have the option of starting off on an extremely low budget, they are also now able to customise a marketing plan to focus on achieving the specific goals they have created. Social Media Marketing allows its users a flexibility that is unparalleled; ads can be put up, taken down, corrected, or updated in the matter of a few minutes.  An added benefit is that online marketing is highly scalable. The demographics can be tailored to suit the particular audience that the business is looking for, and this customization can be updated or changed based on dynamic parameters such as audience, strategy or budget.

The Social Media platform has evolved over the years into an extremely dynamic system, complete with review capability, user comments, and discussion forums. Businesses now have an almost live view of the interactions between their customers and the products sold or services rendered. While this transparency may be good for business, it also exposes the business to public comments and feedback leaving it vulnerable to attacks from competitors with unethical business practices.

Social media marketing has proved to be an extremely effective advertising platform for both well established businesses as well as start-ups. Mature businesses could use this tool to increase their target audience while start-ups could use it to develop an optimised marketing strategy which would help in reducing the initial costs.


Divya Mithra

Content Writer, Reachall